Fireborn: Dark Phoenix


As fate would have it, the 5 individuals who make up the party were assembled in Trynsham train station at the same time, being questioned about their purpose in the town after the break-in at the Apargopalous household. Around the time that the military police found the stolen equipment, the town came under attack by paramilitary cavalry.

The party quickly loaded a train with some crates of military weaponry that had been building up while Lord Apargopalous’s party was disrupting train travel. Marius also talked the police into letting on the lord’s missing equipment. The remaining weaponry was let alight and the train set off with the party aboard.

The paramilitary soldiers caught up to the train and were fought off by the party using some of the rescued weaponry, with the police notably not helping. At least one soldier probably survived. As the train climbed further into the mountains, it started losing speed and the police unhooked the party’s carriage, leaving them stranded in the wilderness with the lord’s mysterious equipment.

The party hiked to Sulsham where they were given food and shelter by a little old Uruk lady.


The next day they were given a letter from the de-facto mayor to deliver to Karakarkov and they hiked the way there. The letter way given to the military who said they would send a few soldiers down when reinforcements arrived. The party then got the train to Shephame via Diaranhame.

Arriving in Stephame the party found it to be under siege. Rail routes had been cut off and warehouses being used to house refugees were already starting to fill up. There was news that some of the police and the train driver who the party escaped Trynsham with had been murdered.



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