Fireborn: Dark Phoenix

The Syakhl Spectre

Or, "The Terror of the Tombs: A Radomir Zheng Adventure"

People began to realise they were trapped in a dream when…

[To be completed later…]

…and then, Lentitia woke Tomaz from the dream; and shortly after Lieutenant Parasca, Gavril, and Borse wake up too, reporting that “The Prohpet” inside the dreamworld had told them that ‘it’ was cowed and releasing them all, and something about how it was being overwhelmed by having so many living people fighting back all at once. Teyranik also awoke around this time.

A few minutes later, Ensign Cozma wakes up as well, saying that Lady Syri, Marius, and Rotis had decided to follow the thing while it was frightened and vulnerable and find some ‘answers’, and that the Prophet was going with them. He also reported that Syri, Rotis and Marius had all recommended the party make a move to recover the supplies that Hardin stole, at the minimum.

Rotis is still asleep and Marius is still ‘projecting in’ through him. About 40 minutes affter that – they too awake.

APs earned: 18
AP Total: 65

[Since John won’t be here next session I’m recommending that Marius posts up his summary of what happened, his thoughts, and any recommended courses of action he wishes to suggest.]



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