Mytsic seeking to uncover the hidde truth of the Taan


Æthelþior (Ath-thel-thee-or) is tall, even for an elf. He is trim and fit although not particularly muscular. A plain red robe hangs loosely on his frame revealing his forearms and the top of his chest. The robe shows signs of ware, as does the pack that contains his few possessions (including a plain winter cloak). His long dark hair is adorned with coloured threads and a hand full of plats. A carved wooden figure of an elven woman hangs around his neck and a simple bracelet adorns his right wrist. The unusually device of a triskelion spiral is tattooed across his right palm.

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Æthelþior, still in his youth, will freely admit to have studied religion, magic, art and philosophy. He claims to be well travelled but seems to be somewhat naive to the perils of the wilderness.

Æthelþior has travel to New Urgen to better understand Urk culture and philosophy. He has a particular interested in visiting the Skyhorn shrine.


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