Inky-black Kobold Scientist and Engineer


Marius is a young kobold who stands 2’9" tall. His most stand out characteristic is his pigmentation, which is inky-black and has a bluish sheen to it.


In his childhood Marius was regularly transferred around the Imperial Civil Service performing menial tasks before coming to work in sewerage and sanitation systems. The need to perform maintenance on the myriad pipe-work, sluice gates and pumps gave Marius a basic understanding of machinery.

After rescuing a child who had fallen down a man-hole cover and into the sewer system, Marius was bought and granted his freedom. He quickly found employment with The Kobold Society were he has continued to refine and improve his knowledge of machinery and industrial equipment.

He endeavours to show that Kobolds can contribute more to society than just menial labour and servitude.


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