Lord Kubiaczyk Kiorny "The Black"

A noble-born Uruk in advanced middle age


Lord Kiorny has a reputation in Korakova for being a buffoon; he flits easily from personal project to personal project every year or two and seems to lack focus, and he does little more than the bare minimum required for his post on the Prismatic Circle.

However it seems he is a clever man, educated abroad, and with a multitude of foreign business interests (which includes significant minority shareholdings in a number of Lord Tomaz Apargopolous’s suspiciously patent-heavy companies, but far from all (and a controlling interest in none known to date).

Lord Kiorny sponsored some of the early expeditions to Birren’s Land and encouraged the opportunistic taking of slaves there, starting at least 25 years ago; the reason being, apparently, that he enjoys the extremely dark and sometimes iridescent scales of the Birrenians due to his family Colour in Korakova (he is far from the only lord with a Colour-preference for slaves, but the high price of Birrenians and their curiosity value makes his the most potentially lucrative breeding stock).

He has also been alleged to be the main sponsor and organiser of a major raid some 6 years ago that ended disastrously, with heavy losses of slavers and very few slaves taken. Lord Apargopolous was alleged to have also sponsored this expedition, at least.

Lord Kubiaczyk Kiorny "The Black"

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