Lord Iosef Syri "The Grey"

An elderly member of the Prismatic Circle


Lord Syri is in his late 70s, and has served in the Circle since his accession at a mere 19. The oldest member of the original circle, he has long been amongst the most respected of the Prism Lords, and something of a kingmaker in his younger days. For the last decade, though, a series of miscalculations and odd decisions have eroded much of his popularity, and the influx of newer members of a younger generation has likewise darkened his horizon.

He has two potential heirs; his (firstborn) daughter Zatorska, and his last surviving son Feodov. Female succession has never been permitted in Korakova, though it has occasionally been mooted (to no effect); but Feodov has little aptitude for magic or politics.

Lord Iosef Syri "The Grey"

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