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  • Flashpoint in the Factory

    The Cigarillo Factory was investigated. However a government raid interrupted, but not before you provided a scoop for the local paper and earned a good rate for one night's work. Plus, APs. AP: 5 AP Total: 28

  • Arkalia

    [[File:522587 | class=media-item-align-none | New_Urgen___Environs.jpg]] The nation of Arkalia is number 24 on the map. Arkalia, technically a monarchy, is an anarchic, lawless failed state, the world's largest by far. Previously a wealthy but …

  • New Arkalian Navy

    Mainly provided by Dr. Anton Raykov, in Rastok. *Old Arkalian Navy* When Arkalia fell into civil war, the Army attempted to seize power but was opposed by the Navy; however the Army rapidly depleted its supplies and became unable to pay its forces, …

  • Western Arc Archipelago

    _As told by Captain Linus Georgias of the Zephyr steam launch_ The "Western Arc" Archipelago forms a wide spread in the northern half of the Arcal Bay in Western Arkalia, extending about 300 miles north-north-westward out to see. Geologists speculate …

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