Amended Skill - Craft

These rules are PRELIMINARY until further notice, but will be along the following lines regardless.

Each subset is taken separately. Defaulting between related categories may be possible (e.g. armoursmithing and weaponsmithing both require working knowledge of forging metal).

By default crafting takes one standard working day (assumed to be 8 hours hard work). Especially simple or complex objects may have a time increment greater or lower than this (GM adjudicates but suggestions welcome). The GM will set a number of successes that are required for successful completion.

In each time increment, roll one craft test to determine progress, and roll a second to determine quality of work. If an object takes multiple time increments, use the LOWEST quality roll during crafting to determine the final quality.

Crafters can break up their 8 hour increments (e.g. an hour per day while doing other things),but to maintain simplicity it is encouraged to do so in discrete hourly increments. Starting or stopping a craft check on a whim may not be possible in some circumstances (e.g. the forge in a smithy cannot be easily turned on or off to allow small bursts of crafting; being interrupted may result in the loss of materials).

Lacking appropriate tools or appropriate workspaces may impose increasingly severe penalties to Craft checks, or may render the task impossible.

The GM will tell you what materials you need and how much they cost. You may have leftover materials at the end, or may require extra, depending on the result of the Craft roll.

Amended Skill - Craft

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