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The (noteworthy) contents found on investigation of the stolen crate were as follows:

3x small coinlike cylinders about 2cm thick, with an Elven rune on them reading “Vindicator”. One was intact and contained a badly faded Form symbol; the other two were worn and corroded, and did not bear any such unique magical property. Currently being carried by Aethel.

1x Hot Rod (a cylinder about six inches wide and a foot long that has an ambient temperature of around 40 centigrade; no magic was discerned on its surface)._ Currently carried by Marius._

7x 20-by-20-by-1cm unevenly cut squares of metal that Aethel believed could be of Elven make. There are raised ridges and valleys on one side of some parts that show there was writing in large (presumed Elven) runes or letters on the side at some point, but the fragments do not have enough markings on them to tell what it said; and, the fragments do not all appear to match. The size is crude but uniform enough to suggest something was deliberately sawed into roughly equal size fragments, of which this is a random subset. Two bear the scorchmarks of a thorough cleansing in fire to remove all trace of the suspect mould that began growing on the surface. Currently carried by Aethel.

(The crate was previously known to contain:

1x cracked vial of orange fluid (later, portions of metal that this had spilled on grew a mould that Jaxar believed might be highly poisonous). – whereabouts unknown.)

Contents of Silverio’s Post:

3x “Fragment of Assistant” – the first is a piece of dark grey outer metal with some broken, smoked glass set into one edge; the second is a cylindrical hollow rod with some sections of wire stapled into the inner surface; and the third is a thin grey box with frayed wires emerging. On the inner surface of the box (once Marius and Rotis had unscrewed it and opened it) were a fine, thick, chaotic mesh of interlocking filiaments, and the Drakaric (Birrenian) words for “INPUT” and “NO TOUCH” were seen written at points on the inner surface.
Currently carried by Marius.

1x “Galvanic cell with elven graffiti” – This is a cylindrical device of polished metal apparently of the kind sometimes seen in Elven sculpture. There are two points on the upper surface where it appears something could be secured; scratched into the surface carefully (but not an original feature) are a series of Elven numbers reading “73226”. The letter to Silverio warned that things like this sometimes burst into flames during testing, but that this one apparently functioned correctly.
Currently carried by Radomir. (?)

Bought by Jaxar from a Pawn Shop:

1x 20-by-20-by-1cm unevenly cut square of metal; this appeared to match up with the fragments from Apargopolous’ crate and was probably stolen from the laboratory by the Croc’s gang and pawned as a way of fencing the goods. Carried by whoever carries the 7 others.

Bought from Croc’s gang:

1x “Healing/Expert Healer” device – this sturdy but (Ork-)hand-sized device has 4 protruding frayed wires, 2 protruding wires with some sort of plug attachment, and several slots on the sides where similar plugs (or in some cases plugs of different shapes and sizes too) could fit into it. The lid of the box can be raised to reveal a series of labelled buttons (showing the numbers 0-5, and several words that Rotis could’t translate, as well as “Heal”, “Medicate”, “Advice”, “Adapt” and “Examine”. There was also, beside one plug-socket on the inner surface, the words “Assistant Talking”. Most plugs are not clearly labelled, although some on the inner surface of the device are numbered.
[The symbols here appear to be in a thick paint rather than printed into the metal; there is no sign of markings on the outer surface except corroded smudges beside some of the wires].
Currently carried by Marius.

1x cylinder that makes blue glows – the cylinder has a set of mirrors and something like a bulb at one end, and seems sealed at the other; it’s about four inches around and 12 inches long, and feels heavier than if it were hollow, but too light to be solid metal (or even close to it). Pressing the cylinder’s one button caused, once, a faint blue glow to appear for a few moments before it faded. It’s been theorised that it ran out of galvanic power. Currently carried by Marius.

Taken by Jaxar from a Bloodforce assassin at the Kagano Cigarillo Factory:

1x G.R.I.D. (Galvanic Remote Incineration Device) – a pistol-like weapon, small compared to an Uruk pistol but larger than comfortable for a Dragonborn. The exterior seems to have been cobbled together and altered crudely but functionally from other parts. At the base of the handgrip is a cylindrical “Galvanic Cell” much like the one in Silverio’s post, but tightly bound to the grip with a thick high-quality yarn to keep it secure; and instead of an empty barrel, the ‘barrel’ ends in smoked glass.
Firing the weapon causes it to heat up to an uncomfortable temperature immediately; the target is exposed to an instantaneous blast of heat that’s been observed to be enough to soften iron and make it glow red-hot, and the ‘blast’ radius is about the size of a shilling (out of game: ~10p coin size). The flash that causes this is visible and painful to look directly at – and impossible not to see if it’s even in your peripheral vision – but if it’s obscured by as little as a thick cloth, or is around a corner, it can be mistaken for a flickering (if bright) flame for the moment of its activation. It is unknown how much ammunition it has. Currently carried by Rotis.


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