Detective Enforcers

The Detective Enforcers, led by Patriarch Verrisch Vanadisch, are the ‘third branch’ of the New Urgen authorities, after the Military and the Constabulary.

The Detective Enforcers were formed in 1925EI as part of the New Urgen reforms, specifically to address the gap in/overlap between the authorities of the Constabulary (which had grown organically from their origins as local disconnected volunteer militia services in feudal centuries gone by) and the Military (which had grown down to include law enforcement in times of crisis and emergency, some of which had become near-permanent).

The Constabulary were charged with mundane criminal investigations, up to and including murder; for more serious offences, including serial killers, treason, and espionage, the paramilitary Detective Enforcers are instead called in; they have authority over the police and potentially the military, though the precise boundaries are considered unclear and untested by the courts and the Prince-Regent’s official intervention.

The Detective Enforcers have far broader powers than the police, and are less bound by criminal law (such as preventing arbitrary detention by the police). They have two ‘classes’ of operative; the first are secretive, with no (known) official employment list showing their names or identities, and are shrouded in mystery – even wearing shrouds and masks to conceal their identities during deployments and operations, though these people are not ‘agents’ nor ’undercover – their secrecy is to protect against reprisals.

The second class is public-facing and includes spokespeople, official investigators, bureaucrats, and patrol officers; these persons are required to remain in uniform even when off-duty, to mitigate against accusations of their being spies inveigling themselves into society as a fifth column of spies and informants. It is, however, widely expected that this still happens; the Detective Enforcers are not a popular organisation, but people certainly fear their reach.

Detective Enforcers

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