Race Play Stats
Player character Elves must be no more than 300 years old.
Alignment: Magical
Aspects: 1 Supernatural Air Aspect.
Trait: Magical Absorption – When Elves absorb magic from a magic item to recharge their karma pool, they gain their Air score as a bonus to the amount of Karma they gain.

The tall, pale-skinned humanoids called the Elves are an enigmatic race of immortals who have for centuries been a dominant power in the world despite their relatively small numbers; they use their powerful magical abilities to craft weapons and artifacts with which they can defend their claims fiercely; but the High Elders, the ruling elite of Elves, guard their magical secrets jealously, and it’s said that no Elf below 10,000 years in age can be considered for joining the ruling meritocratic gerontocracy. These beings are largely insular and isolated, yet young Elves regularly leave the boundaries of their lands to explore beyond, even though it’s only relatively recently that widespread global travel has become easily possible. This is partly thanks to the Uruk transport and trade networks becoming better developed. Although the Elves have – allegedly – long possessed the power to travel easily, the High Elders have never made things easy for young Elves wishing to leave.

Some credit the young immortals, full of mischief and with powerful magic, with some of the chaotic and small cults and minor religions that still exist in some Uruk lands.

The Elves’ numbers are relatively few, probably in the lowmillions, since being immortal most Elves are in no hurry to have children. In fact, many Elves are actually wary of having children –it is far from uncommon to have five or more generations of family alive at once, and the complexity of the social ties this requires means many Elves are happy to have a single child (or even none at all).

Despite their nominal kinship, most Elves are relatively independent and only loosely controlled by the central authorities, as long as they remain within specific boundaries for their own safety and for the respect of the natural world. Elven philosophy is one of minimal impact and of great respect for the living world; while not universally accepted as a philosophy, it is nonetheless illegal for Elves to imprison or enslave animals, and living things have the same basic rights as any Sentient creature (as far as Elvenly possible). Elves view the slavery practiced by Uruk nations as an abhorrence, and their rapacious exploitation of timber and mineral resources as nearly criminal acts; in part, this was the basis for the Treaty of Grelda that fixed the Uruk borders and forbade their expansion as long as the treaty remained in force. The few Uruk rulers who, centuries ago, tried testing how much the Elves are willing to do to defend their new borders – by sending fleets of colonisation and conquest – found Elven ships barring their way, ships whose mages could cause vastly more casualties than they received during battles, decimating Uruk forces. Permits for exploration are permitted, to some; and the few individuals who trespass significantly are met by Elven mages who are willing – politely – to assist them in returning to their homelands; but those who refuse may be returned home in pieces.

The Elves view the Uruk, on the whole, with either curiosity or outright disdain (most often the latter); they pity most mortal races, but they are offended by some of the Uruk religious claims to perfection, and with the current expansionist philosophy of the Uruk. However, they are officially determined to wait it out – everything about mortal races changes with time. Officially, Uruk are not permitted to enter Elven lands at all; in practice a chosen and lucky few are sometimes permitted to visit specific places inside for a variety of reasons – but economic links are discouraged, with the Elves maintaining their own entirely self-sufficient economy.

The Elves view the Dragonborn with distaste and pity for their plight; Elven philosophy abhors the ownership of living creatures regardless of their level of sentience. Many of the Elves who leave for lands overseas do so partly to agitate (usually peacefully) for an end to slavery; which does little to endear them to the Uruk – but not all.


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