Karma Pool

All characters have a Karma Pool (amended slightly from core Fireborn), that can be used to add successes to tests and to activate legacies (and certain other effects).

Karma Regeneration is more difficult for most than standard Fireborn; all characters regenerate karma in the following ways:
a.) when they personally take down a character (at a rate of 1 per APL of the character, GM will determine);
b.) at a rate of one per day when resting for at least 8 hours
c.) when scoring maximum successes on a test or check (earning karma equal to the number of dice rolled on the check)
d.) when gaining APs (at the rate of one karma per AP earned)
e.) when a character regains karma in an area that matches their alignment (see below), they regenerate extra karma equal to their Earth score – Non-Aligned cannot benefit from this.
f.) In special ways based on their Alignment

To counterbalance the fact that Earth aspects now govern a character’s Mana Pool, a character begins with a karma pool of size 3. This is multiplied by racial (and other) karma pool multipliers, then any set bonuses (e.g. from Background) are added.

In effect, this is the same as if a character had Earth 3 in the standard Fireborn rules.

Karma Pool

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