Letter to Silverio


An unexpected final letter; I have bad news, worse news, and two sets of good news. The bad news is, it’s now official policy – Apargopolous is having everything shipped directly to his Trynsham lab and distributing parts out from there, all fully and independently itemised – definitely no chance I, or anyone else, can divert anything to the Seekers.

The first good news (mixed). The metal testers finally gave their report, but mostly ‘unknown’; no time to copy it out for you, but the gist was, one alloy from Site 1 was identical to Site 2; but the rest were only similar, with small differences in iron, tin and nickel content. Site 2 also had a range of alloys that were not present in Site 1 artefacts at all, one of which was very similar to samples from that Elven sculpture they tested last year. They gave an estimate of Site One’s age as about 2.5 millennia (don’t ask me how); but they added that it’s not confirmed all artefacts are equally old. They guessed that Site 2 was more recent, though, since the artefacts are in better condition – like Kangov hadn’t already guessed that months ago.

Still nothing about site locations – though it was never likely they’d tell us lab guys.

Second good news. Kangov thought all along that last month’s robbery was local sewer-rats, not enemy spies. He talked us into spending a few spare hours checking local pawn shops ‘just in case’, and I found two pieces on display at the third shop I tried! Paid cash, gave no name, didn’t report it, so I’m sending them to you (payment through the usual channel, please). Items as follows:

3x Internal components of “Assistant” (apologies it’s not the functional device; obviously Apargopolous kept that to do his own testing! This one was already unsalvageable so it was dismantled for destructive tests, but the grey box you wanted is still intact)

1x “Solid Galvanic Cell” with Elven graffiti (retains some function after testing, and unlike the other ones, didn’t catch fire and burn any lab assistants)

Now for the worse news. Since I withheld proof that sewer-rats robbed us, they thinkit’s spies; so they’ve decided to do a full audit and re-vet everyone. I’m too exposed if anyone spots my ‘edits’; I’m running while the going is good. Our arrangement has run its course. I suspect your friends dislike loose ends if they can avoid them, so I’ll not be taking your offer of help escaping ‘if it comes to it’. Thanks anyway.

Letter to Silverio

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