Mana Pool

All persons have an innate magical potential that can be tapped to cast spells. This is their Mana Pool.

The Mana Pool functions exactly like a wound chart, except based on a character’s Earth aspect. Spells consume, or ‘draw’, Mana to cast; at the point of casting (or ultimate failure to cast) compare the Mana required against the Mana Pool, the same as comparing damage against a Health Chart. Some other effects may also cause mana draw.

Rather than Minor Wounds, a character has Minor Drain. Rather than Wound Levels, a character has Drain Levels. These have no direct mechanical impact, until a character is fully drained to the -8 level. Once all Mana Drain levels are at maximum, Mana Consumption becomes physical damage and begins killing the character as magical force runs wild and damage the caster internally.

While casting a spell, a character taking physical damage from overdrawing their Mana can instead spend two karma to negate one Wound level they would otherwise suffer from Mana draw (this can be paid multiple times), but only for spells that they are casting themselves.

It takes 24 hours for a -8 Drain level to recover to -7; then 18 hours to reach -6, 12 hours to reach -5, 6 hours to reach -4, 3 hours to reach -3, 1 hour to reach -2, half an hour to reach -1, and 15 minutes to recover to 0; this recovery continues as long as a character is not Drained further, in which case they must start from scratch recovering from their new Drain level instead. Minor Drains heal at the rate of one every 10 minutes outside combat, independently of other drain levels.

Mana Pool

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