Mendalius Foundation

An global ‘slavery charity’ organisation based in the Republic.

“The Foundation”, as it is often abbreviated, was created by several minor nobles and ruling Dukes who’d cooperated with the rising Republican movement, but who found themselves under threat of losing their lands anyway. Many of them, embittered, started ‘charitable foundations’ and donated all their worldly goods to it until they fell below the threshold for mandatory government seizure.

The multitude of foundations that were created, were dubious in status but technically legal, and though all were harassed and heavily investigated with a view to ‘proving’ they were just shells for protection of ill-gotten bourgeois wealth, many were found not to be, and continue operating.

The Mendalius Foundation, named after the founder, Earl Samael Mendalius, had a founding ethos to mitigate the ongoing slave revolts in the Duchies-cum-Republics by paying a small fee to owners to buy their unneeded slaves, rather than have the slaves “put to rest” instead.

Thus, slave lives were saved and some of the survivalist impetus for the revolts was curbed; and as a bonus, the not-quite-ex-slaves were put to useful work for the remainder of their lives, albeit in relative comfort and security, on collective farms in marginal land unsuited to significant mechanisation. The program met with reasonable success, though the Republican state regularly seizes ‘assets’ from the Foundation for their own use, a practice that has only recently begun to die back as the Republic works towards recognising the rights of ex-slaves and encouraging a voluntary end to slavery.

The Foundation’s reach has gone global and the Republic has recently committed to supporting it as part of their global outreach program and their internal efforts to end slave execution and win the loyalty of dragonborn. Many view this as cynical and hypocritical – especially since the Foundation’s principles actually make it one of the world’s largest slave-owning organisations – but that very fact enables this relatively benign charity to remain active even in deeply pro-slavery nations where more progressive organisations are unwelcome.

However, the Empire and several other independent nations bar it from operating in their territories, arguing it is a front for Collectivist propaganda and espionage rather than a true pro-dragonborn or anti-slavery charity. These fears are best described as overblown, but few outside the Republic honestly say they believe them unfounded.

Mendalius Foundation

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