New Arkalian Navy

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Old Arkalian Navy
When Arkalia fell into civil war, the Army attempted to seize power but was opposed by the Navy; however the Army rapidly depleted its supplies and became unable to pay its forces, causing the collapse of its offensives and leaving the chaotic power vacuum that persisted to this day.

The Navy, which had secured more of the country’s treasury for itself thanks to allies in the old government, saw the Army’s collapse as a warning for itself; it withdrew from the conflicts and played a defensive strategy focused on its bases and coastal cities where it was the major employer, fortifying there and moving to (at first) privateering, then later smuggling and drug-running to pay its troops.

There are three major cities, nearly city-states in their own right these days, controlled by the Navy: Meselheim, Radina, and Shaaheim. Meselheim is an industrial centre that has made efforts to modernise and develop shipbuilding infrastructure; Radina was a trade hub for the region and remains a major ‘neutral site’ where goods from many organisations within the country are shipped in and out; and Shaaheim, once called the ‘second capital’ of Arkalia, was the main naval shipyard and fleet base.

Each of the three cities has a controlling Admiral, who in turn has a council who administer the town; one of these Admirals, elected by their immediate underlings, is the Grand Admiral who nominally controls all Arkalia’s fleets. Once elected, the post is held for life.

The actual navy that Arkalia fields is still, in the main, wooden sailing ships; there are some crude, home-grown ironclads that are long obsolete, and there are captured and refitted merchant steamships too; but this makes up less than a quarter of the navy’s forces. Their reliance on sail means they have less and less ability to pirate trade ships in the region (though Korakovan ships, being barred by law from use of steam technology, make up a large share of the victims).

In spring of 1933 (six months before game start), after the death of Grand Admiral Gerou, an election for Grand Admiral was held. Long-serving and popular Admiral KonstantinHigoels of Meselheim was expected to be elected; but instead Admiral Theodore Tantalus of Shaaheim was instead, and corruption was suspected. Higoels refused to recognise the authority of the new Grand Admiral, and the schism soon become an outright break, with Higoels leading the “New” Arkalian Navy out of Meselheim.

New Arkalian Navy
The New Arkalian Navy rapidly ended the Naval tradition of neutrality and declared itself in support of Queen Ioanna’s claim to the throne of Arkalia, strengthening her cause significantly. About two months later, a schism occurred within the North Encyronian mercenary company called Bloodforce, with a Commander Nolan Nullius (who had often worked with the Navy under contract) effectively agreeing a permanent contract with Higoels to become an Irregular ground force for the New Navy, allowing them to project power effectively for the first time. The schism in Bloodforce was messy and seems to have left some legacies in divided loyalties and broken units.

With a small army under their command, the New Arkalian Navy managed to secure some key lines of supply into the Solarian region in the landlocked east of the country; their resilience (and perhaps their sense of purpose) prompted Admiral Vlako Kanavic of Radina to join as well, recognising Higoels as Grand Admiral.

The New Arkalian Navy controls roughly half the naval forces of Arkalia, but a disproportionate number of those are the more modern vessels (thanks to Meselheim’s upper hand in industry) and they have more resources thanks to trade than the original Navy left in Shaaheim. They are not considered a significant military threat in the region, but their newfound aggression will undoubtedly be costing them money at a high rate, and it is expected that their privateers will become steadily more aggressive to keep the money flowing.

New Arkalian Navy

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