New Legacy - Archmage


This legacy replaces Wizard’s Bane.

The character is capable of casting spells that baffle and astound lesser beings, weaving and manipulating mana more expertly than all but the greatest of mages.

Prerequisite Power: Steelmind
Aspect: Earth
Effect: The Archmage can both interfere in the casting of the spells of others within a Trivial range of him; and enhance his own spells beyond normal boundaries, as follows. Activating any of these requires a mental action (but many stay in effect until actively dismissed, as per the Shapeshifter legacy). Any effect marked with a [] stays in effect until the Archmage removes it, and counts towards the karma that can be spent on a Legacy at any one time (as per Shapeshifter).
Karma & Effect
1: Add or subtract two from the mana cost of a nearby spell being cast.
2: Prevent one level of Mana Drain from the Archmage’s own spellcasting
Varies: Heal one level of mana drain from the Archmage or a character within Touch range. The cost is equal to the drain level+1.
3: Include an extra Symbol in a spell slot above the normal limit for the Archmage.
5 []: Air (Casting) successes made to Gather Magic this turn are ‘saved’ into a future turn, rather than the spell being lost (and needing to be re-started). This does not change the Mana Cost of the spell.

New Legacy - Archmage

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