New Legacy - Sensate

Submitted by Anonymous

Nothing can escape your gaze…or hearing, or any of your other senses for that matter. You see all, hear all, and feel all.
Prerequisites: Heightened Senses (Any)
Aspect: Air


At Will: You gain full successes on all Senses tests where your base dice pool is not larger than your base aspect.
Spending Karma: Persons with this legacy may spend karma in the following ways:
Karma Effect
1 Gain one additional success on an opposed Senses test. This is additional to your normal ability to spend karma on tests.
1 For the rest of the scene you can perceive sounds beyond your normal range of hearing.
1 For the rest of the scene, you can see in the dark, even when there is no light at all
3 For the rest of the scene your senses extend to encompass one specific and ‘impossible’ manifestion of them; such as seeing microscopic detail or ultraviolet, or hearing radio waves.
5 Choose one person within 30m of you that you can sense. You latch onto their scent or other subtle detail, and may use it to track them wherever they go for the rest of the scene. You may extend this duration each scene by spending again without needing to be close to the target again. Your senses are so acute and focused that many common ways of foiling such tracking (such as wading through a stream to foil scent-based tracking) are not useful against this Legacy effect. The GM may adjudicate when more exotic methods are used.

New Legacy - Sensate

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