New Legacy - Titanic Strength

Submitted by Anonymous

Prerequisites: Strength of Steel
Aspect: Fire


At Will: You gain full successes on all unopposed Athletics tests involving feats of strength
Spending Karma: Persons with this legacy may spend karma in the following ways:

Karma Effect
1 Gain one automatic success on any attack sequence using the Grab or Escape actions (including fighting styles).
1 Pick up and throw an adjacent heavy projectile, such as a piece of furniture or a boulder. The attack affects everyone in a direct line out from you to a range of 3m and deals 5 damage unless dodged with Water(Quickness). The TH is equal to your standard Legacy TH. For each additional karma spent the damage and range each increase by 5; each additional success by targets beyond the base TH reduces damage by 5.
2 Double the damage of your melee or thrown weapon on a single attack; or double the range of your thrown weapon. Note this only doubles the base damage, not any bonuses from edges, powers, etc or the Press and Power moves. Using this option more than once on one attack merely increases the multiplier by one (x3, x4, x5, etc). Note: This cannot be used to enhance the attack option of this Legacy directly.
5 By anchoring yourself against something you become immovable for a round, without needing to make a test. For example you may hold up a portcullis from falling (using the ground as the anchor) or face a Tsunami wave head on while holding onto a building. Note that if the effect you are resisting is strong enough to move or destroy the anchor this power will have no effect.

New Legacy - Titanic Strength

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