New Power - Nurture Magic

You gain the “Spawn Magic” mental action.

When you have extensive access to a Trivial karmic boundary area around you (e.g. a room in a house that you’re staying in for some days) you may attempt to Spawn Magic there. Doing so is an Air (Ka) test with a TH of 5, plus situational modifiers (e.g. making a factory of advanced machinery magical is much harder than making a forest clearing magical).

This costs 10 karma (if it is Non-Aligned) or 20 karma (if it is aligned), and takes 5 days; once complete the area shifts its alignment one step towards Magical. At each rank of this power, the time required becomes one day less (minimum one hour) and the Karma cost reduces by 1.

At rank 3, if you continue to Spawn Magic once the area is Magical, some Trivial boundary areas adjacent to the Magical one begin to shift towards Magic as well as if you were also spawning Magic there.

At rank 5, you gain the “Disrupt Machinery” Mental Action that has a target of one machine that is within a magically-aligned area. This is an Air (Ka) test opposed by the target machine’s Earth (Will); if you succeed, the machine suffers a -1 Fading Physical or Mental penalty (your choice) for every net success achieved, or equivalent special effect if discussed with the GM (e.g. causing a steam train to lose power and slow down). This can also target a Nature-aligned character who’s relying on technological keys; in which case, each penalty requires two net successes.

New Power - Nurture Magic

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