New Power - Prescient

Submitted by Anonymous

You are a ‘Precog’ – one who can see into the future. Admittedly your glimpses through time are fragmentary and brief, but they give you an edge few can match.


Rank 1: Your instinctive knowledge of the immediate future makes you appear lucky to others. Once per scene you may reroll all the dice on a single test or check; but you must take the second result.

Rank 2: You can sense imminent danger and therefore always roll maximum successes on any Earth (Senses) test to oppose an Ambush action.

Rank 3: You may now use your Rank 1 ability twice per scene instead of once; and you may use either result.

Rank 4: Your predictive abilities give you an edge in predicting the movements of those around you. You gain one automatic success on all tests using or opposing the Aim, Defensive Feint, Feint and Interrupt mental actions, and when making Water (Quickness) tests purely to avoid attacks in combat.

Rank 5: Knowing when a fight will start can be a great advantage. You may make a Quickened Initiative check during the Initiative phase, as with the Instinct and Clarity powers. You roll 3 quickened initiative dice and if you are successful you may only take either a physical or mental action. Your rank in this power is used as a tiebreaker in all Initiative checks or tests.

New Power - Prescient

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