The continental island-chain of Pelargossia is – or was – a land of mineral and timber wealth, exotic spices and plants and animals, wide variety of climates, and sheltered bays. When the exploration vessels of the merchant Talras Guilder chanced upon it, he recognised the wealth that could be gained from this land; and staked out his claims at once.

It is said that his proficiency at earning money, and at using that money to help the god Baltus create the Sacred Empire, that the overdeity Urakan granted him ascension to godhood, making the merchant the new God of Wealth. Others, though, say that’s a myth.

Pelargossia’s central and northern jungles are believed to be the original home of the Dragonborn (though Talrasi worshippers suggest they are ‘failed’ escapees from Talras’ first attempts at creating a slave race using his newfound powers – based, of course, at his new Colonies, any escapees would have fled straight into the impenetrable jungles there. Nowadays, the Dragonborn tribes occupy much of the unclaimed land area; they defend themselves aggressively against slavers, but according to local legends can also be accomodating and even welcoming to those who respect their customs and laws – though since these vary from tribe to tribe, and most neighbouring tribes war with one another sporadically, this is hard to be sure of.

Northern Pelargossia is extremely mountainous and nearly impenetrable. According to legend, some of those distant valleys contain the secret shamanic lodges where Wildling shamans are trained, in a city built of gold where their high Shaman, the Dragon-King, dwells – though evidence for this remains scant, despite many explorers’ attempts to locate it.


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