Prismatic Circle

The Prismatic Circle are the unelected ruling council of the island nation of Korakova. Their magery is based on hereditary family lineages, named after colours.

There are ten members of the circle itself; and ten times that number in apprentices and acolytes, though only those with family ties have any opportunity to enter the Circle itself. By tradition the firstborn son inherits his father’s place in the Circle; though the Prism Lords can decide which of their sons will inherit if their firstborn is clearly not the best and most magically able male of their lineage. Sometimes, though, the Prism Lords – in their old age and dementia – choose wrong and clearly unfit candidates to succeed them, such as dull-witted sons or even sometimes their daughters. There is precedent in such cases for the Circle’s remaining members to vote to override the will of the Prism Lord in question and choose an eligible heir themselves. This has only been done six times in the (known) history of the Circle, though the threat of it means it rarely arises as an issue – however in a worrying trend, half of those occasions have been in the past century, and two within the last 15 years. Some outsiders wonder if this is a sign of weakness and crumbling power in the feudal mageocracy.

The current Prism Lords, whose names are colours in the local language (and colours given), are as follows:

Overlord Malbon Thymnasiv (Blue)
Lord Radic Bialez (White)
Lord Kubiaczyk Kiorny (Black)
Lord Valetin Krahsny (Red)
Lord Kivan Oraznih (Orange)
Lord Mikhail Zhyolty (Yellow)
Lord Zebelovic Zeloyny (Green)
Lord Slade Rozavy (Pink)
Lord Lukaz Kharischnavy (Brown)
Lord Iosef Syri (Gray)

Prismatic Circle

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