Ritual spellcasting works a little differently to standard spellcasting.

Any spell can be cast as a ritual rather than as a ‘standard’ spell; and some spells may only be possible as rituals (e.g. if they require more symbols than the primary caster could normally use, or to achieve certain unusually powerful effects). Rituals still require a spell slot, but do not have to adhere to the caster’s usual maximum symbols.

For rituals, the following alterations apply to the standard mechanics:
-Gather Magic can be checked repeatedly, with successes adding to the next attempt.
-Taking ‘extra’ time on a ritual by not meeting the requisite THs does not increase the mana cost
-Voluntarily abandoning a ritual takes one hour but only incurs ¼ the usual mana cost.
-Characters involved in a Ritual do not regenerate Mana by the passage of time.
-Whenever a Weave Magic test is completed without completing the ritual entirely, all participants pay a Mana Cost of 1+ the number of previous Weave Magic attempts in this ritual.

A ritual can, at the caster’s option, involve other participants who can add successes to the ritual and help it complete faster; but more importantly, mana cost is shared equally amongst all participants when the ritual completes – lone ritual casters are possible but attempting a powerful ritual alone is a recipe for disaster! The maximum number of bonus participants is equal to the ritual’s rank; each participant rolls Air (Casting) at the same time as the primary caster, with each 2 successes granting the primary caster a reroll on his own Air (Casting) check; in addition, having extra participants with significant spellcasting ability may make the ritual inherently easier (see below).

If a participant (other than the main caster) leaves the ritual while it is in progress, all participants suffer a Minor Drain immediately; use the new, higher effective rank for the ritual for the next check, recalculating all THs and other ritual rank effects. Likewise, if a participant joins the ritual partway through, reduce the ritual rank when next making a casting check.If there are already enough successes pooled to complete the ritual, do not make a check to add more; it automatically ends, with all successes beyond the new TH being the only overkill successes (if applicable).

Rituals are ranked, with a rank 1 ritual being relatively easy (but time consuming); there is no maximum rank. At each rank the TH Multiplier increases; so a rank 1 ritual has double the normal TH. At each rank the Time Increment also increases; this is the time that must be spent performing the ritual before the next check can be made to add successes into it.



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