The Enclave

The Enclave is a small Elven protectorate off the coast from Leataana itself. It was established outside Elven lands, with the very reluctant blessing of the Elders, by some younger, more idealistic Elves who wished to establish a safe haven for runaway slaves. Uruk slaves – though rare – are said to be welcome; but most people on Taan assume it is a Dragonborn sanctuary.

The Elves cater for ex-slaves’ needs, and encourage philosophy and learning amongst the downtrodden; the result is a society of unusually healthy, magically aware, Elven-aligned quasi-academics (or freeloaders or pets, as various detractors would have it) whose life is devoted to the pursuits of self-improvement, learning, philosophical and religious debate, and – as the Elves quietly enforce through their supplies of food and building materials necessary for life there – pacifism and isolationism. Most in the Enclave are known to follow versions of the Elven faith of Celestial-worship, reinforcing the philosophical and pacifist leanings.

How particular ex-slaves actually get there is unknown; but the population is sparse and surprisingly low, suggesting that it is not a free-for-all. All manner of rumours abound – maybe one has to do a big favour for an Elven traveller, maybe one has to manage to get there by any means necessary to prove one’s worth, maybe one has to have lived a life free from sin… regardless of whether any of it is true or perhaps just hearsay, the lure of such freedom is a motivator to many downtrodden peoples – and not just Dragonborn or slaves.

To add to the rumours and the mysteries, it is said that those who are admitted are granted a measure of Elven immortality, living far beyond their normal lifespan; some even say that the most devoted of the Enclave actually become Elves themselves, and go to live in the utopia of Leataana with their immortal, mystical brethren.

However, despite the widespread nature of the rumours, actual proof has not been forthcoming.

Visitors are made welcome, but foreign vessels are strongly discouraged from staying; attempts have been made to infiltrate the Enclave, but the Elves take the security of their territories (and lone protectorate) very seriously – and having proved effective at finding small bands of Uruk explorers even in the wilderness beyond the limits established in the Treaty of Grelda, they seem to have few problems maintaining the security of one moderately sized, sparsely populated island.

The Enclave

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