Triadic Concepts (List)

Magic Symbols come in 12 distinct varieties in a clear hierarchy, which many religions have incorporated into their understanding of the world; these 12 “Concepts” are collectively called the Triadic Concepts, since they divide neatly into groups of three.

There are three “High” concepts, which are the most fundamental and powerful building blocks of reality. Each of these has a further three “Low” concepts associated with it, which individually encompass aspects of the High Concept they are connected to. High Concepts take precedence; if a symbol is aligned to a High Concept, it can produce any associated Low Concept effect – the reverse is not true. Three Low Concept symbols are equivalent to one High Concept symbol in terms of what aspects they hold sway over.

High Concept of Matter
Matter governs the realm of physical reality; it is divided into Creation, Form and Energy.

Low Concept of Creation – Creation governs and existence of material; it might create simple matter from nothing.
Low Concept of Form – governs the shape and nature of physical matter; it might reshape glass from a window to a vase, or turn lead into gold.
Low Concept of Energy – governs the release of energy and its effects on material; might summon fire, or dissolve metal as if with acid.

High Concept of Life
Life governs all that lives or has lived, the boundary of life and death, and sentience itself.

Low Concept of Body
Body governs the physical form of living things; it might heal injuries or allow a shapeshift.
Low Concept of Mind – Mind governs the thoughts and behaviour of living things; it might inspire others to great deeds or allow the amoral to take possession of a victim.
Low Concept of Soul – Soul governs the boundary of life, death, and nonliving things; it might give life to a statue, raise the dead, or kill a victim instantly.

High Concept of Aether
Aether governs the unseen and intangible, the aethereal building blocks of reality.

Low Concept of Entropy – Entropy governs the passage of time and the trend of decay; it might cause a person to move incredibly fast, or might cause foodstuffs to rot instantly to nothing.
Low Concept of Knowledge – Knowledge governs the concept of information and the ability to acquire it; it might help decode an enciphered letter, or conceal a thief in the night.
Low Concept of Void – Void governs distance and physical dimensions; might allow an object to be teleported, or a Symbologist to see events occurring miles away.

Triadic Concepts (List)

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