Fireborn: Dark Phoenix

Another abandoned scrap of paper, ripped in two and crumpled, its contents slashed with ink

Frostheim - 14 - Rastok

Quietly thoughtful – even anxious – as his companions reasoned how and why they ought to break into the cigarillo factory, Rotis had slipped away to be alone. The following scrap of paper may have been found, scrunched-up and discarded with slashes of ink through the entry of the 12th, later on that day.

Attended lecture; like a Pengold’s 1921, my Mistress. Redeeming qualities that parallel the 1919 Grange of your own political aphorisms, but crass to the discerning intellectual palate: 11th Frostheim. Neither sympathy nor pride will fill Croc’s peoples’ hungry bellies, nor cure them of their ailments. Subsequently I attended once again to Doctor Raykov’s muddled office; I trust you’ll find my system better-suited to your tastes.

: 12th Frostheim.

Of course, the truth was just as you had circumcised; the evidence of Blackscale craftsmanship concealed within: 13th Frostheim. Mistress, I wish simply to report the delightfully incredulous expression the discovery did enlist upon Jaxar’s visage. Further, too: Marius employed that I should share my knowledge of Drakarik script, confirming your suspicions. No further proof of Radomir’s adeptness with the Art, however.

Mistress, I must concede distress: 14th Frostheim. I cannot refute the reasoning that we have to strike at once upon the factory, nor that as a group we do ensure that no vital evidence will be neglected. But I must insist that I can only Solicit the Truth alone, it is the done thing.

Thank you, Mistress.

As I consider your proposal, I sit here with the white-striped bijou resting in my palm. I can only speculate as to its ultimate purpose. Much else appears clearer to me. Transarbinan meddling in local affairs is indisputable. In seizing your rightful property, Aziz Farukan will have established a line of supply from Trynsham to the sea and to home; that his fellow Transarbinan, Jacomelli, had anticipated still the arrival of stolen goods after the capture of Trynsham points only towards collusion between Transarbinan entities and the brigands in Trynsham. The productive alliance between Lord Acropolis and the state – evidenced by his tremendous output of patents, fruits borne by the excavation of Blackscale artefacts no doubt – may have qualified a threat (or, at least, stirred interest) to the Scientological supremacy of the League. Indeed, a letter to Jacomelli betrayed the paranoia of ‘enemy spies’ within Arcopolis’s lavatory.

Following the subsequent relocation of all Agropolis’s operations to Trynsham came the invasion. So there is no doubt that this was the prompt – the arrival of something, some precious artefact, prompted the attack. I must carefully scour the lavatory for lingering traces.

The mole, of course, was the Lord’s Arkalian wife. Further, I’ve little doubt that this Solarian ‘holy site’ was discerned from the spoils of Trynsham. Perhaps it is Birrensland itself, ultimate source of the ancient treasures. Supposedly, we shall know soon enough.

The Truth beckons. Jacomelli was a vociferous ally of my destitute kin, and a letter to him spoke of ‘Seekers’. I sense a potential connection to the ‘Strugglers’ who had threatened the lav, due to the intention to purchase slaves. After tonight, I shall resume my investigations with the utmost diligence.

I will break nothing but the veal that obfuscates the Truth from you, my Mistress.

Your devoted, ever-faithful Rotis.



My favourite part of this is the typo at the end: “The veal that obfuscates the Truth.”



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