World Events

This lists events that have occurred during the game, and the dates that they occurred.

30th Midautumn: Trynsham attacked by persons later found to be wearing a New Arkalian Naval uniform.

14th Leaffall: Skyhorn seized by (apparently) New Urgen Military with instructions to blow it up; but they are soon after attacked by another group apparently of the New Urgen Military, to unknown effect.

8th Frostheim: Smoke seen on the Skyhorn. Solaria (the subregion of Arkalia controlled by ‘Queen’ Ioanna) rapidly announces that their telescopes have seen the complex was destroyed by New Urgenian forces in revenge for the local Solarian uprising, in an act of baffling historical vandalism etc etc. They allege that the complex was attacked by brave local liberators including many non-Solarians who were opposed to the destruction of a historical monument. It is also announced that Queen Ioanna is in possession of a Tablet of the Sun and will soon be announcing a “grand revelation”.

12th Frostheim: New Urgen Military announces that the Skyhorn was retaken on the 8th. They report that Arkalian terrorists detonated explosives in the main complex and badly damaged it, but that thanks to the heroism of New Urgen’s soldiers they were prevented from doing so in the Solar Tomb. However the Tomb was already damaged; the inner door had been broken open and the inner tomb looted of all contents, including the Prophet’s sarcophagus.

14th Frostheim: Solarian propaganda appears that says Queen Ioanna has received a revelation from Solaris, giving her the location of a new, grand temple of such divine splendour that it will change the very foundations of the world, to overshadow the Skyhorn and compensate the True Faith for its loss. However to protect the shrine from infidels and heathens, they are sending a force to secure it and keep it safe before they release its location.

26th Midspring: New Urgen’s first Dreadnought, the Indomitable, is released from drydock to begin seaworthiness testing. Morgrovia temporarily closes embassy in protest.

18th Stormtheim: Mysterious darkening event globally. In the region of Mount Syakhl, the ziggurat housing an (apparently) Elven “outpost” is destroyed.

10th Leaffall: Rumours begin circulating of mutually successful, rival, Arkalian and New Urgenian expeditions into Elf-Barred territory, and of proofs of ancient Uruk civilisation far beyond the established boundaries of Uruk territory.

20th Leaffall: Sacred Empire publicly demands a rapid Elven response to the rumours and the recommencement of talks to review the Treaty of Grelda.

20th Frostheim: Imperial Navy begins raising its alert level and beginning maneuvers, prompting similar reactions from the Cyraean Republic. Global tensions rise. Empire claims this is a response to Elven inaction and should be a reminder that Uruk will not be ignored.

World Events

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