Ignore standard character creation; you will have 25 aspect points rather than standard, though you calculate derived traits as in the PHB (excepting Karma Pool). Background and Sire have been merged together into one, using the following template.

The Background comes in two parts; one part should be written and discussed with me in advance; from this will come the second part, a series of mechanical amendments/empowerments to your character, based on the events in the character’s life and the skills and abilities it has left them with.

Backgrounds include several elements, selected via points buy. The distribution of the points is up to the individual; but the specific effects will be up to the GM.

Each Background gives a small selection of potential bonuses, but are made up as follows.

First, gain specific abilities based on written background ideas:

Primary Skills: Every character gains 4 ranks in 4 different primary Skills, determined by the GM from their background.
--Extra Points: Spend 3 points to have the GM pick another skill in which you gain 4 ranks; and/or spend 4 points to pick a skill yourself to gain 4 ranks. You may pick each option 3 times.

Secondary Skills: Every character gains 2 ranks in 4 different Secondary skills (that may not overlap with Primary skills).
--Extra Points: Spend one point to have the GM pick a skill in which you gain 2 ranks, and/or spend 2 points to pick a skill yourself to gain 2 ranks in. You may pick each option 4 times. In addition you may spend 1 point to upgrade one of your original 4 secondary skills, to a primary skill (i.e. gaining 2 additional ranks to bring it up to 4). You may do this 4 times.

Edges: Every character gains a list of three Edge options that they can acquire up to two ranks in (in total; e.g. one rank each, or two ranks in one and none in the others).
--Extra Points: Spend 1 point to have the GM choose another option. Spend 2 to choose an option yourself. Spend 3 to add a Power to the list of options, but remember that to use the Power you would need an appropriate Key (e.g. from starting equipment); or, spend (2 plus next rank of Edge) to gain an additional Edge rank in one of the Edges on your list.

Spell Picks: Characters have base Spell Picks equal to their ranks in the Casting skill. Spell Picks function as AP for buying spell slots.
--Extra points: One per Spell Pick. You may spend a maximum of 3 points here.

Then spend 15 background points, which can be spent enhancing the options above and/or on the following non-essential options:

Fighting Style Picks: None by default; spend one point to acquire one Fighting Style Pick (which acts like one AP for the purposes of acquiring Fighting Styles; e.g. Luring Blade normally costs 2APs, and hence requires two Picks). You may spend a maximum of 5 points here.

Wealth Rank: Spend a multiple of 2 points, between 0 and 10; each extra ‘rank’ is another item from the GM-chosen list of potential starting equipment that you can choose to have. This list will be derived from your written background. If you pick none of these options (i.e. spend 0 on Wealth) you will begin with a few coins, clothes, and some basic supplies, but only very basic weapons and no other equipment with a significant mechanical effect. (Subject to negotiation, one item could be powered up to be the equivalent of multiple items, such as a Symbol having a higher potency rank).

Bonus Karma: Spend up to 12 points; gain one bonus karma for each two spent (do not multiply this bonus by the karma pool multiplier, it is a static addition).

Buying Experience: Characters may spend 1 bonus points to raise a chosen skill’s starting maximum rank to 5, or 2 bonus points to raise it to 6. This can be done multiple times. This does not increase the skill, it simply allows ‘finishing touches’ later in character creation to go above the usual maximum of 4 ranks.

Language Proficiency: Language ranks can be bought on a 1-for-1 basis with BPs. This can be done multiple times to a maximum of 3 ranks per language.

Finally, in addition to the advantages given in the “Finishing Touches” section of core Fireborn character creation – excepting the Group Mind power, which PCs do not get by default in Dark Phoenix – gain proficiencies in your Languages.


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