Language Groups

Each independent nation is considered to have its own language in addition to those below, but these are within the geographical groups listed, and literally neighbouring countries’ languages are often mutually intelligible. If you speak a neighbouring countries’ language you count as only one rank lower in fluency when using that language to communicate.

Elven: Low Elven (everyday speech), High Elven (Formal language, also used extensively in magecraft even by Uruk)

Northling Dragonborn: Drakaric (Birren’s Land Clans)

Wildling Dragonborn: Arrash (Jungle tribes); in addition there is a “Slave’s Creole” language for every major geographic grouping listed below, which counts as closely related to both the base language group and to the Wildling group.

Imperial: Imperial (official bureaucratic and political language, not for everyday use); Arbani (Cis-arbinan Imperial everyday language); Tarrasic (Pelargossian colonial tongue); Ensric (Encyronian colonial tongue, based heavily on old Encyronian and still similar to Cyronian languages today)

Encyronian: Encyronian (Former official language of Encyronia before its fall, still used in bureaucracy in North Encyron); Ensric (as the Imperial group, above); Darali (Republican language)

Transarbinan & Goralian: Taosali (west desert nomads and Goralian islanders)

Language Groups

Fireborn: Dark Phoenix JtheC