New Edge - Runesmithing

The character gains the ability to craft Symbological items without using powerful magical rituals.

A character does not need the ability to Extract/Transcribe symbols, but if they do not they may have to find ‘workarounds’ to attach symbols’ physical anchors to the object they wish to create; in practice they may be quite restricted.

At each rank, the maximum rank of effective item that can be created and the maximum number of symbol effects included, is equal to the rank in this edge. The item to be enchanted must already exist in a suitable form for enchantment (this could be anything from a scrap of paper up to a huge object of furniture, and is often not a barrier for creating very simple, not very durable items)

R3 Bonus: When the Runesmith creates one-use items, Rank 2 potency symbols (and higher) are not destroyed on use. Rank 1 symbols are still destroyed. (Drawbacks may specifically override this).

R5 Bonus: When the Runesmith creates one-use items with Rank 1 potency symbols, they are not destroyed on use.

New Edge - Runesmithing

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